Electrical Cables


Product Code Product Description
EAC001          Pvc Insulated Cable 1.0mm
EAC002 Pvc Insulated Cable 1.5mm
EAC003 Pvc Insulated Cable 2.5mm
EAC004 Pvc Insulated Cable 4.0mm
EAC005 Pvc Insulated Cable 6.0mm
EAC006 Pvc Insulated Cable 10.0mm
EAC007 Pvc Insulated Cable 16.0mm
EAC008 Pvc Insulated Cable 70.0mm
EAC020 Pvc Ins/Sheated 2.5mm Twin Flat Cable
EAC024 Pvc Ins/Sheated 1.5mm Twin Cable
EAC025 Pvc Ins/Sheated 2.5mm Twin Cable
EAC026 Twin with Earth Cable 4mm
EAC027 Twin with Earth Cable 6mm
EAC033 Twin with Earth Cable 10mm
EAC038 Pvc Flexible Cable 1.5mm X 3 Core
EAC039 Pvc Flexible Cable 2.5mm X 3 Core
EAC045 Pvc Flexible Cable 2.5mm X 4 Core
EAC046 Pvc Flexible Cable 4mm X 4 Core
EAC014 10mm 4core Black Flexible Cable
EAC063 2.5mm X 2C Armoured Cable
EAC065 2.5mm X 4C Armoured Cable
EAC068 4mm X 4core Armoured Cable
EAC013 6mm 4 Core Armoured Copper Cable
EAC011 10sq mm 3 Core Armoured Cable
EAC010 16mm 4 Core Armoured Copper Cable
EAC077 25mm X 4C Armoured Cable
EAC012 50mm 4 Core Armoured Copper Cable
EAC078 150mm 4 Core Armoured Cable
EAC079 95mm 4 Core Armoured Cable




 Other sizes available on request