• Reliable 7HP OHV engine and 100% copper wound motor
• Heavy duty steel braided high pressure hose pipe
• Long lasting ceramic pistons
• Pressure regulating
• Trolley wheels with bearings
Car Wash Bay| Drive ways| Walls and Roofs


Technical Parameters

Electric Motor Max pressure Working Pressure Water Flow Weight Kg
2.2 Kw 2100 psi(140 Bar) 1700 psi(110 Bar) 7.0 lit/min 36Kg
2.5 Kw 2100 psi(170 Bar) 2000 psi(140 Bar) 7.5 lit/min 30Kg
3.7 Kw 2600 psi(180 Bar) 2100 psi(140 Bar) 10.7 lit/min 61Kg



Shipping, Delivery & Pricing
For delivery and costs contact us at sales@electriclink.co.ke